The Workforce
Consulting Engine


The Workforce Consulting Engine is made up of six primary services our clients need to ensure an optimal workforce management platform. Change Management, Software Evaluations, Implementations, Training, Comprehensive Support and Testing.

We pride ourselves on customizing services to meet each customer’s specific needs through our unique Listen, Adapt, Deliver philosophy.

Change Management

Our Change Management process is built to ensure that information is shared with the right people at the right time in the right way. Preparing the organization for change in advance builds the foundation for successful user adoption.

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Software Evaluation

When considering a change or enhancement to your existing Workforce Management System, our team can bring years of experience to help define requirements and identify solutions that can meet those needs.


Any software system is only as good as it’s Implementation. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we understand the unique needs of each customer and deliver solutions that are specifically configured to meet those needs. Our comprehensive processes are designed to guide the customer from initial Strategy and Discovery through to a successful Go-Live.


Training users is a key component of user adoption. Our Live and Recorded training options can ensure that Users, Managers and System Administrators are empowered to get the most out of your Workforce Management system.

Staff Augmentation

Having completed over 1,000 UKG implementations, we truly understand the importance of our customers having the right resources staffed to drive success and ROI. The right people in the correct seats is our motto. Drive best practices and mitigate risk. We will be an extension of your team and ensure we transfer our knowledge to your team.

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Comprehensive Support

As businesses grow and change, your Workforce Management System needs to adapt. Our Support Services can help address the dynamic needs of your business by adding new functionality or updating what is already there. We also offer extended support engagements to manage the day-to-day issues that come up.

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A Workforce Management System functions best as a part of a comprehensive ecosystem. Our Testing processes are designed to ensure that the right inputs generate right output. We guide our clients through System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and End-to-End Testing processes to validate that all of the pieces of the ecosystem work seamlessly together.