Managing cost is key to being able to turn a consistent profit for manufacturing organizations, and mitigating overtime and ensuring compliance with labor laws are important to keeping human resource costs in check. The WFC Group can help you implement workforce management solutions to keep rules consistent and accurately followed. Better yet, custom reports allow you to receive exactly the information you need to save your organization time and money.

A few services our manufacturing clients love


Automate attendance tracking to help managers hold employees accountable to company standards while taking away the manual effort


Track vacation, anniversaries and other milestones while ensuring accuracy and appropriately issued leave


Ensure your company is 100% compliant and that all leave is appropriately issued and tracked

And so much more

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  • What is the best way to mitigate overtime?

    There are many strategies to reducing overtime, such as setting an annual cap, or establishing a formal overtime rotation among employees to distribute the burden and reduce last minute staffing decisions, but as with any complicated system implementing these strategies can be cumbersome. By using Kronos pay codes and reporting tools you can create reports that will notify managers which employees are closest to reaching their overtime hours, and how much overtime is actually being completed. With straight-forward data at your fingertips it's easy to see how well your strategy is performing and adjust.

  • How can I lessen the burden on my supervisors?

    One key word: automation! You need your supervisors out on the floor making sure things are working correctly and deadlines are being met. Kronos modules can help track attendance and overtime, automate time off requests, and ensure your company is operating as efficiently as possible.

  • Can Kronos or The WFC Group help ensure my company is compliant?

    Absolutely. The last thing you want is to unknowingly or mistakenly break the rules and be out of compliance. Kronos modules can help ensure your overtime and attendance rules are consistent and accurately followed company wide.


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