You're about to move data into a new system – how do you bridge the gap while ensuring your data isn’t compromised? How can you keep your business operations consistent while coordinating the transfer?

At The WFC Group our experts will take a hard look at your data and systems to determine the best route to integration. Whatever software or hardware compatibilities support you need, we will assess and guide you to the best possible solution.

We begin all builds with the end goal of 100% automation of your solutions so that your managers can focus their time elsewhere. The self-sustaining system we will help you to implement includes education for your staff and leadership towards future success.


You will receive detailed documentation covering any integration pieces we build, and a manual showing you exactly how the integration works

Hands-on walk-through

Before we even enter the testing phase we’ll conduct a hands-on walk-through with your organization to ensure the process is understood and all parties are comfortable to engage

Experienced consultants

Our seasoned consultants have experience in your industry and most likely with any software integration you need, resulting in a streamlined roll out and a rock solid tested product


In the unlikely event you experience an issue our staff is at your disposal during and after the rollout to answer questions and flawlessly jump any hurdle


How can we help?

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