You are planning on implementing Kronos software, but you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have determined the services you need but are concerned with what your employees’ response to the change will be or how you will roll out the new system efficiently enough to avoid a service disruption.

With The WFC Group you’ll get specialists with years of experience in your exact industry who can guide the process smoothly. From change management to ensuring employee morale remains high and receptive to the new system to software customization to make your unique build out as streamlined and targeted as possible, our experts have you covered.

Like having an in-house consultancy, The WFC Group remains your partner following implementation, always at the ready to help you finesse your system with the changing landscape of your business. Our deep dive into your processes gives us an intimate knowledge of how we can add value to your system now and in the future.

Partnership developed

We will kick off your project by defining the objectives, scope, timeline and logistics so everyone is on the same page before implementation starts

Experienced solution architects

Our experts will gather business, functional and technical requirements for your system and perform a gap analysis for your business – assessing architecture and interface needs to ensure the system is perfectly suited to you

Experienced implementation consultants

Our experts design and configure the application, interfaces and reports per the finalized requirements


During the testing phase, you’ll have to option to use the proprietary, secure, web-based testing program we developed in house for your convenience.

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