The WFC Group understands the unique challenges hospitality organizations face with optimizing their workforce. Empowering your workforce and improving staff morale with enhanced scheduling and training echoes through an entire organization's attention to detail and overall performance. Whether it's a summer rush, an unexpected turnover of senior staff, or opening a space in a new market, The WFC Group can help you to extend your brand through supported expert staff, ensure compliance with scheduling, and greet consumer demands with grace.

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Workforce Scheduler

Save time, increase employee morale and ensure you have the correct staffing mix throughout the year

Mobile Technology

Save money with quick changes right from the floor and allow employees flexibility to quickly fill an open shift, request time off, and more


A unique Kronos module that puts the responsibility on the employee – are they reporting their breaks correctly and are they in compliance?

And so much more

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  • How can I mitigate overtime?

    There are many strategies to reducing overtime, such as setting an annual cap, or establishing a formal overtime rotation among employees to distribute the burden and reduce last minute staffing decisions, but as with any complicated system, implementing these strategies can be cumbersome. By using Kronos pay codes and reporting tools you can create reports that will notify managers which employees are closest to reaching their overtime hours, and how much overtime is actually being completed. With straight-forward data at your fingertips it's easy to see how well your strategy is performing and adjust.

  • How do I balance demand and/or labor according to head counts?

    It can be challenging to know how many staff members you need at a given moment with a constantly shifting guest population and such a wide range of different skill sets within the hospitality workforce. But with scheduling and forecasting through Kronos we can automate the process for you, predicting trends to save you hours of stress, and making it easy to test staffing changes quickly when a sudden surge in tourism or a local event creates an unexpected change.

  • How do I prevent buddy punching?

    Buddy punching is a big challenge in the hospitality industry because of the large amount of real estate your business most likely has. Consider implementing swipe cards that are unique to each employee, a biometric employee time clock that lets employees punch in with their fingertips, and/or setting up notifications and alerts to employees that they have yet to punch-in for a shift they were scheduled for. We can help you get any and all of these systems up and running.


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