The energy workforce landscape is a complicated web of labor with many types of employees working in many different environments across the globe. Consolidated workforce management services help energy organizations have a clearer picture into their labor practices, ensuring time is tracked effectively, and revealing how labor is being spent across your business. The WFC Group can help implement software to better track how, where and why your employees work the way they do, increasing efficiency in all areas of your business.

A few services our energy clients love

Mobile Technology

Allow employees on the road to store transactions offline and update later – ensuring all information is tracked, no matter where the employee is located


Provide increased visibility into your workforce's productivity, giving you the real time data you need to make beneficial decisions for each project


Identify common trends and pinpoint major issues with custom real time data

And so much more

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  • How can Activities help my ERP system?

    Activities will give you real time data that integrates with your ERP system. This helps you identify issues more quickly, and allows you to adjust standards for how long specific tasks should take.

  • How can Kronos help me increase visibility of what my workforce is doing?

    Activities centralizes your workforce data into one consolidated screen, allowing you to see holistically what your workforce is spending its time on and how long it is taking. Armed with this knowledge at your fingertips, you can measure results against your business objectives and adjust confidently.

  • What is the best way to mitigate overtime?

    Mitigating overtime in the energy industry is extremely important since you have to keep in mind hazard pay, offshore pay, and the higher wages compared to other industries. There are many strategies to effectively managing and reducing overtime, such as setting an annual cap, or establishing a formal overtime rotation among employees to distribute the burden and reduce last minute staffing decisions, but as with any complicated system implementing these strategies can be cumbersome. By using Kronos pay codes and reporting tools you can create reports that will notify managers which employees are closest to reaching their overtime hours, and how much overtime is actually being completed. With straight-forward data at your fingertips it's easy to see how well your strategy is performing and adjust.


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