Education organizations are confronted with significant challenge in implementing and maintaining a quality workforce due to the many labor laws and healthcare legislation present in the industry. Whether it is labor break standards, overtime standards or something else, The WFC Group can help you implement a simple yet robust and thoroughly compliant system for workforce management. Focus on your day ahead and not on shifting legislation with streamlined services from The WFC Group.

A few services our education clients love

Leave & Attendance

Ensure your education organization is 100% compliant with accurate attendance policies that are enforced fairly


Track your substitute teachers and ensure they get paid accurately and on time

Time Clocks

Biometric time clocks help to prevent buddy punching, saving your organization money

And so much more

Discover the difference The WFC Group can make in implementing these great tools

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  • How can I better track my substitute teachers and/or seasonal employees?

    Most likely you are already tracking your substitute teachers in some way, but an efficient system can be elusive when integrating multiple systems together. Would you like to see your employee tracking integrate directly with your payment system? The WFC Group has streamlined dozens of such advanced systems.

  • Can Kronos or The WFC Group help ensure my company is compliant?

    Absolutely. The last thing you want is to unknowingly or mistakenly break the rules and be out of compliance with regards to labor laws or healthcare legislation. Kronos Leave and Attendance modules, when implemented correctly, can help you start off on the right track.


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