Workforce management services help distribution organizations optimize distribution centers, and engage with their ever-changing workforce more closely and efficiently. Whether you are expanding distribution from a national to global scale, implementing new workforce health and safety standards or negotiating a sudden turnover, The WFC Group can implement the appropriate software to ensure managers can see what’s happening in real time, and adjust immediately to save you money.

A few services our distribution clients love


Provide increased visibility into your workforce's productivity, giving you the real time data you need to make beneficial decisions for each project


Identify common trends and pinpoint major issues with custom real time data

Workforce Scheduler

Distribution schedules are constantly in flux – Kronos automated systems will relieve the burden on your managers and empower your employees

And so much more

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  • Much of my staff is part-time. What can workforce management software offer me?

    Advanced Scheduler will automatically ensure your employees are working the correct number of hours, keeping you in legal compliance and simplifying the process for your managers.

  • How do I engage my workforce?

    By using time clocks you can stay in constant contact with all of your employees, while empowering them to control their schedules for better work life balance and understand their own time sheets.


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