Change Management is a structured approach to increasing the successful and sustained adoption of planned change at every level. A strategic plan for change allows for the controlled roll-out of information on a set schedule to prepare an organization to adopt the change, thereby increasing its support and efficacy.

The WFC Group’s Change Management service is designed to help your organization prepare your workforce to adopt and successfully sustain the changes made around your implementation to a new workforce management platform.

The WFC Group’s Approach to Change Management

We Listen

We partner with Clients to assess their cultures, their project goals, their defining vision, and their readiness for transformation. We use these findings to develop a formal Change Management Plan, inclusive of helping to identify the most effective options for their Change Management Team and building an effective communication schedule and message.

We Adapt

From there, we collect and analyze feedback from all inputs, determine corrective actions and refinements, and update the Change Management Plan as a result.

We Deliver

We help prepare our Clients at all levels of their organization for change as well as support the implementation and reinforcement of the Change Management Plan to ensure a successful project outcome.

If you’d like to learn more about change management, we’ve put together a Guide to Effective Change Management that is free to download.

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The WFC Group’s phased approach will ensure the success of your WFM initiatives. Contact your Change Management expert today to learn more.

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