The Single Most Urgent Verification for All Kronos Workforce Central Customers

As July draws to a close, time is running short for Kronos Workforce Central customers to verify one crucial and necessary piece of information. This verification only affects customers operating Workforce Central on-premise, so if you are running Workforce Central in the cloud, fret not.

Achieving Workforce Management Sustainability: Finding Your Solution Balance

It is often easy to consider the implementation of a new solution as a marker of success. Still, ‘implementation’ for implementation's sake can be counterproductive to a business's goals and needs.

Why Now Is the Time for Kronos Workforce Dimensions

When Kronos unveiled its next-generation Workforce Dimensions suite at KronosWorks 2017, the solution was met with excitement and hesitation. The reveal was accompanied by a roadmap for continued development—meaning there was still work to be done. Now, Dimensions is even more souped-up and ready for decisive action.

3 Reasons to Reassess Kronos Work Rules & Pay Rules During COVID-19 Recovery

As states continue to reopen public spaces and institutions, working at large is making a steady comeback. Kronos's weekly U.S. Workforce Activity reports show good progress toward recovery, but some stats indicate possible changes afoot.

How to Build a Culture of Diversity & Accountability With Solutions You Already Own

As Pride Month draws to a close, we're thinking about diversity, inclusion, and the importance of continuing these workplace efforts year-round. While training is well worth the time and effort, businesses likely already have resources and tools available to make significant steps toward meaningful change—they only need to use them better.

Key Considerations For a Strong "Re-open Office Plan"

As cities and states begin to relax stay-at-home orders for those outside of essential services, business leaders reassume the extraordinary responsibility of making decisions for the safety and health of their workforce and clientele. Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind as businesses prepare to spring offices back to life.

Why Delaying Your Flash-Free WFM Update Could Put You at Serious Risk

As the death of Adobe Flash draws near, many technology customers may be wondering if and how they can get away without implementing wide-scale updates. Yes, it is possible, although it may be rather complicated. Is it advisable? No, procrastinating is almost assuredly more trouble than it is worth.

What's Really at Stake When Adobe Discontinues Flash?

The expiration of Adobe Flash is set in stone. Technology customers everywhere have until December 31, 2020, to fine-tune their IT stacks to operate entirely without Flash integration (workforce management included).

Flash FAQs: 2020 Workforce Management Edition

Here are some common questions and concerns regarding the impending end of Adobe Flash plugin as it relates to key workforce management solutions.

AI is Solving this Common Workforce Management Struggles

As businesses continue to hunt down every opportunity to increase efficiency and productivity, few opportunities are a more "natural" and instantaneous fit than artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.