Guidance With a Game Plan

Confident Guidance Helps a Pilot Program Reach Beyond the Basics


The Challenge

Vi Living had its sights set on improving workforce mobility across its 10 facilities by transitioning to the cloud. Their first move was to implement a pilot program utilizing Kronos Workforce Scheduler along with Attestation, Accruals and Workforce Timekeeper at one facility. But integrating these functions seemed more challenging than anticipated, largely credited to a lack of guidance.

Their senior staff ultimately determined it best to initiate the pilot with basic scheduler functionality but were still overwhelmed and lost at what to do next. What they needed was greater clarity, trust and a partner willing to understand their goals that could help see the implementation through.














“The WFC Group distinctly stood out among the competition because of their willingness and confidence to suggest game-changing recommendations that were grounded in a realistic plan and backed up with expert resources.”

Nathan Hauenstein, Director of Project Management

Why The WFC Group?

In answering Vi Living’s RFP, only The WFC Group identified internal issues outright, determined where change should happen and recommended a plan to accomplish it. It was our willingness to hone in on their specific needs from the start that stood out from the sweeping promises made by other firms. A good consulting group leans in and helps, and that’s just what The WFC Group did by providing a digestible, realistic and well-accepted plan of attack with solid solutions and recommendations.

The Solution

The WFC Group stepped in and provided recommendations that other companies never brought to the table. We offered solutions that were not simply “out of the box” and allowed Vi Living to develop work-arounds to issues that weren’t previously resolved. Vi Living was able to stabilize their implementation and upgrade, moving them to the cloud and providing greater end user trust in the product. They also were able to implement key portions of Kronos Workforce Scheduler as desired, after all.

Because of the confidence The WFC Group gave Vi Living, they trusted us for continued support. Vi Living was recently approved to fully implement Kronos Workforce Scheduler at all 10 communities and continue to move towards mobility and a more interactive workforce.

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  • Higher adoption rate of scheduling functionality across the entire enterprise
  • Improved productivity within the workforce
  • Optimized labor spend, due to the scheduling, integration, time-tracking, and reporting capabilities
  • Vi Living gained a truly trusted advisor in The WFC Group

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