Taking Project Management to Task for a Specialty Retail Chain

Strengthening the Task Management Link Between Stores and HQ


The Challenge

The Container Store knew they needed a comprehensive task management solution. Regional and corporate office executives had no real-time visibility into project progress, completion status or measurement of the actual time a task takes to finish. Instead of attempting to track projects via e-mail, they wanted to move the actionable communication items to a centralized application with increased visibility.

After evaluating various software options, The Container Store’s leadership determined Kronos Workforce Task Management was the right solution for them, and it would integrate with the Kronos scheduling module they were already using. They then sought an implementation partner to ensure an efficient and successful software rollout.


Number of Locations:



$794.6M (2015 FY)

Employees Worldwide:


“We have worked with dozens of consultants over the past 10 years, and The WFC Group’s customer service, responsiveness and attention to detail are incredible. [The WFC Group’s implementation consultant] is by far the best retail-specific consultant we have had the opportunity to work with.”

Paul de Freitas, Store Operations Director

Why The WFC Group?

Since task management was a relatively new module for Kronos at the time, The Container Store was looking to partner with a consulting company that had vast retail experience and truly understood how a task management system would benefit employees at all levels. They had the opportunity to speak first-hand to The WFC Group consultant who would handle their project. Our consultant was able to share their experience implementing other task management systems and also discuss his extensive retail experience. That, along with The WFC Group’s competitive pricing and excellent knowledge of the Kronos application, led The Container Store to partner with The WFC Group for their implementation.

The Solution

The WFC Group configured and seamlessly implemented The Container Store’s Kronos Workforce Task Management solution on time and under budget—while providing additional support. Their management can now efficiently create, distribute and monitor strategic tasks across their many stores. Projects such as compliance checklists, surveys, inventory control and recalls can now be efficiently viewed and tracked by managers. The biggest win for the retail chain is the increased efficiencies they’ve experienced in sending tasks and projects to their stores.

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  • Increased compliance in completing tasks within proven timelines
  • Increased efficiencies around sending tasks and projects to stores
  • Automated scheduling of employees into appropriate task roles
  • Increased visibility into forecasted versus actual hours spent on a task

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