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National Convenience Store Chain Improves Efficiencies with Ease


The Challenge

Sheetz, one of the fastest growing family-owned convenience stores in the world was at odds with their in-house scheduling system. This slow and inefficient system was bringing down their productivity and needed to be replaced.

Looking to solve these issues they purchased the Kronos Time and Attendance software to track employee time and increase efficiency with their payroll process. But even the best software can sometimes be challenging to implement effectively at a large scale and Sheetz soon discovered they needed to learn more about how the system performed to take advantage of all its benefits.


Altoona, Pennsylvania


Over 14,500


Over 500

"Hindsight is 20/20, but the single thing I wish I would have known when we were struggling to roll out Kronos in the beginning, was that The WFC Group was around and available to help."

Kelly Bonsell, Sheetz Senior Analyst

Why The WFC Group?

Enter the workforce management consulting company. Sheetz Senior Analyst attended KronosWorks (Kronos’ annual conference and expo) where she met with multiple consulting vendors. Despite many options available to her, she ultimately chose The WFC Group after finding them to have great rapport, be easy to work with, and have employees who genuinely care.

The Solution

The WFC Group assisted in configuring the Kronos system from top to bottom, including analyzing timekeeping, upgrading the Kronos system to 7.0, building an attendance module, and upgrading a custom forecaster, a tool originally built to alter the headcount of their employees and managers, which they now use to more accurately schedule the store employees.

The WFC Group worked with the Sheetz team to increase efficiency in speed and results of the Kronos system, and ultimately helped the organization produce a schedule for all employees that was streamlined and accurate based on their business needs.

The process was so successful, Sheetz made the decision to partner with the WFC Group for a second time to train its senior team to use and understand the Kronos product.

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  • Increased efficiency for scheduling employees in more than 500 stores.
  • An empowered senior team with the ability to be self-sufficient with changes internally, further saving time and money.
  • Transfer of expert knowledge, allowing Sheetz to see continued success in running the Kronos system independently.
  • A lasting relationship of support from The WFC Group, established thanks to champion customer service.

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