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Partnering with The WFC Group Pays Dividends for Senior Living Company


The Challenge

Merrill Gardens, a well-respected senior living community operator, is well versed in the need for trust between a client and service provider. When they made the decision to implement Kronos Workforce Central they knew that eventually finding a skilled resource for ongoing system support would be essential to garnering the greatest success with this solution.

Merrill Gardens implemented Kronos to address a big and widely-shared industry need – accurately capturing hours worked by employees for processing by their payroll system. However, once the system was implemented, Merrill Gardens ran into an issue surrounding ongoing support. While they were able to get by using the system initially with limited internal support resources, they ran into a resource bottleneck when they undertook the major task of upgrading their software.

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"The WFC Group’s focus on Kronos pays dividends for their customers through the high quality of their work and their ability to consistently deliver as promised."

Craig Wheeler, Vice President of Information Technology

Why The WFC Group?

Following initial system implementation, Merrill Gardens hired The WFC Group to evaluate their post-software implementation issues, including how to get the most out of their significant investment. The system eventually more directly fulfilled their needs thanks in part to the continuing advice and support they received from The WFC Group.

After the thorough and professional job The WFC Group did with this assessment, it was a no brainer for Merrill Gardens to again partner with them as the consultant for their upgrade job. Merrill Gardens had trust in The WFC Group as experts in the field, able to fill any knowledge gaps that could have posed critical problems to the upgrade process, and was ready to partner again for continued success.

The Solution

The WFC Group provided professional project management and regression testing support throughout the entire upgrade project, including coordinating the move of Merrill Gardens’ production platform to the Kronos Private Cloud.

Ultimately The WFC Group’s assistance proved vitally instrumental to the flawless and efficient roll-out of the upgrade.

Because of the successful upgrade, Merrill Gardens can now continue to use its Kronos software over the long term, with increased knowledge as to how the software functions, fostering greater independence in its future use.

Merrill Gardens also now knows that The WFC Group will always be there for them if another gap in their knowledge occurs.

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  • Reinforced a solid relationship with The WFC Group.
  • Gleaned additional expertise into the Kronos software, fostering independence.
  • A flawless upgrade with no surprises left Merrill Gardens with increased efficiency and a well run product.

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