Achieving Global Success

Manufacturing client improves global efficiencies through The WFC Group


The Challenge

Entering a global market is a great dream for many companies. But the logistics of coordinating human resources across a worldwide business system can be a significant challenge, and a potential obstacle to success at a global scale.

Our Client, an innovator in medical and security imaging was growing rapidly and turned to Kronos for a global implementation to streamline their processes. However, the large scale of their business combined with the challenge of distributing at a global level created challenges for their rollout. They soon realized they needed an elevated level of support, planning, and communication to ensure their success.


Manufacturing (medical and security imaging)


Globally (8 countries, including the U.S.)

"Every single person I’ve worked with at The WFC Group knows the Kronos system inside and out and can easily and quickly help with any immediate production problem or project work."

Our Manufacturing Client

Why The WFC Group?

Multiple consulting companies were contacted by the HRIS manager including The WFC Group via our website. Deciding on what company was the best fit was made simple however after speaking with several references of The WFC Group, each of which provided glowing reviews. With this positive feedback and service assurances our client was armed to move forward.

The Solution

The WFC Group completed the global implementation with ease and to great success. The Client was so impressed by the efficient and expert service that they hired The WFC Group to implement Kronos Timekeeper, install service packs, and write interfaces for four additional countries/markets.

Working with The WFC Group in these markets allowed The Client to gain great insight into their time and attendance tool, Kronos, and enabled them to retire their outdated slower applications. The result was a big win for The Client, maximizing their productivity and improving efficiencies across the globe.

After two successful executions and a myriad of benefits reaped, the decision was made to partner with The WFC Group for general support for an extended period, gaining expert advice and knowledge surrounding their Kronos product.

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  • Increased efficiency within The Client’s team thanks to a successfully implemented automated time system
  • Transfer of expert knowledge of the Kronos system to The Client's team
  • Establishing a solid support network – knowing they can always count on The WFC Group for assistance

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