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Efficient Customer Support Elevates a Project Timeline from Fraught to Finished, Effortlessly


The Challenge

LBMC Employment Partners, one of the fastest growing professional services firms in Tennessee, was assisting a series of nursing homes implementing Kronos Workforce Ready on a fast turnaround.

They recognized that their traditional implementation would not suit their client’s timeline. They needed quick answers to their questions and customizations to the Kronos system that would speed up the process. They needed a trustworthy and flexible partner who could solve problems efficiently. They needed The WFC Group.


Nashville, Tennessee


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“The single biggest reason I would recommend The WFC Group is level of employee commitment to the tasks they are assigned. They were always available to talk and work with us (day or night) and were always honest and straight forward about the challenges we faced throughout our project. They always helped us to see whatever the endeavor was through to the end, to complete success!”

Mary Traywick, Payroll Implementation Manager

Why The WFC Group?

Access to trusted technical support is a valuable resource in the modern age. And when a team of experts is left treading water over a single question, that doesn’t only risk a missed deadline, it is lost lead time, and it feeds a cycle of inefficiencies that run up the chain and leave a company compromised in all of its processes.

LBMC soon found that the value of The WFC Group was not only their wealth of knowledge and commitment to quality, but their commitment to excellent customer service and their hands on approach to knowledge sharing. Their value shines in laying a well-built foundation of systems and thoroughly training those who will share in its use.

After speaking directly with one of The WFC Group’s Kronos Workforce Ready Implementation Consultants, LBMC discovered this value and was ready to confidently move forward with The WFC Group.

The Solution

Having The WFC Group to help with the implementation allowed LBMC to deliver on what was promised to their client, and more. The WFC Group was able to troubleshoot issues as they came up and offer unique solutions, such as customizing rate tables and setting unique holiday & overtime rules.

Because of The WFC Group’s hands on approach and desire for LBMC to learn about the system, LBMC greatly increased their knowledge of the program. The WFC Group educated and explained the rationale behind changes being made, rather than making rote corrections behind closed doors.

LBMC was thrilled with the support they received from The WFC Group, saying they felt they had instant access to their own personal Kronos support person, who was able to respond quickly to all questions, was dedicated to doing the job right, and on time.

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  • Increased efficiency, and quicker speed to go live thanks to fast response times
  • Transfer of knowledge to LBMC assisting in future Kronos Workforce Ready implementations
  • Client retention and increased trust. What began as a challenging accord between LBMC and their client, transformed into a well-preserved and extremely satisfied relationship.

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