So, Kronos and Ultimate Software Have Become UKG — Now What?

Now that Kronos and Ultimate Software have officially rebranded as Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), customers of their separate solutions want to know what this merger means. If you are a Kronos Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Central, or Ultimate Software UltiPro user, fret not. These trusted offerings are only growing closer as a family of compatible, people-centric business solutions under the banner of UKG.

3 Benefits of Leaving Change Management to the Experts

Greater efficiency. More productivity. Increased profitability. These are a few of the things that drive business leaders to make meaningful changes to the way they operate. But achieving these goals often depends on how effectively these changes are made — i.e., how effectively change is managed.

Time Is Running Out for Your Flash-Free Kronos Upgrade – Secure Last-Minute Support Now!

Three weeks is all that remains to ensure you have the resources and support for your Flash-free Kronos Workforce upgrade. Past that point, there is no guaranteed support to meet Adobe's Flash shut-off deadline, and you may find your business starting the new year already at a disadvantage

3 Ways Workforce Management Can Help Boost Retail Employee Retention Efforts

Retail jobs have long suffered a perception problem — one that contributes to high workforce turnover.

What is Sustainable Workforce Management, and How Do You Achieve It?

Workforce sustainability is a common business concern, but those focusing solely on employee numbers tend to miss an even more crucial factor — sustainable workforce management.

Why the Right Talent Matters Now More Than Ever

We are fortunate to be living during a time when technology has allowed businesses to swiftly adapt to sudden workplace restrictions brought on by the coronavirus response.

How to Get More Out of Your Workforce Productivity Data

We have all seen the phrase "extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures" thrown around a lot in recent workforce coverage. A quick Google search of the phrase pulls up a long list of articles making this urgent claim due to the pandemic.

What Can Businesses Do to Cope with Unprecedented Change?

Unprecedented is the word of the moment, both inside and outside of work. On its own, this term doesn't define changes as good or bad. It just describes an inability to correlate new challenges with specific past experiences.

The Single Most Urgent Verification for All Kronos Workforce Central Customers

As July draws to a close, time is running short for Kronos Workforce Central customers to verify one crucial and necessary piece of information. This verification only affects customers operating Workforce Central on-premise, so if you are running Workforce Central in the cloud, fret not.

Achieving Workforce Management Sustainability: Finding Your Solution Balance

It is often easy to consider the implementation of a new solution as a marker of success. Still, ‘implementation’ for implementation's sake can be counterproductive to a business's goals and needs.