The Benefits of Updating Kronos

Workforce management software is like any other software – it needs to be updated consistently to keep performing well. If your organization leverages Kronos workforce management solutions, you should be regularly updating Kronos to get the highest return on investment (ROI) from your software.

Other incentives for staying up-to-date on the latest version of Kronos include:

  • New opportunities for workforce optimization and improvement in existing areas.
  • Better compatibility with existing software, hardware and virtualization platforms.

But in order to experience the benefits of an updated Kronos system, upgrades need to be executed without any hitches – a task that might not be easy for organizations that don’t have years of Kronos software knowledge under their belt. To counterbalance this, it’s beneficial to seek the expertise of workforce management consultants who can efficiently complete Kronos upgrades to work with your technology.

The Benefits of a Workforce Management Partner Updating Kronos

When you take advantage of workforce management consultant services, you receive a careful and calculated approach to updating Kronos. In addition, when handling software upgrades, a robust workforce management team can:

  • Minimize Compliance Risks – Failing to configure your workforce management system to meet industry-specific standards could result in hefty fines for your organization, not to mention negative publicity. By transferring responsibility to a workforce consulting group, you can make sure you’re up-to-date on all regulations, minimizing compliance risks.
  • Configure New Software – Installing software updates can be a hassle and shouldn’t be the responsibility of company management. Not only can workforce consultants handle the configuration, but they’ll make sure the new software is completely up-to-speed and operating properly.
  • Implement Testing – When updating Kronos, it’s important to work out any kinks before rolling out the updated software to your staff. That’s why well-versed workforce management consultants will test updated Kronos software before you officially introduce it to your organization’s employees.
  • Provide Post-Update Reports – Curious as to how well the Kronos update is working? Post-update reports delivered to your organization detail what’s worked so far, as well as areas that still need tweaking. A workforce consulting group should empower your management with the data they need to take action and get the most out of your Kronos workforce solutions.

Updating Kronos with The WFC Group

The WFC Group is a certified gold partner of Kronos, with unparalleled experience in implementing and managing Kronos updates. Our consultants have led and completed Kronos upgrades for organizations with anywhere between 300 and 100,000 employees across industries that include retail, healthcare, manufacturing and government.

With The WFC Group, updating Kronos has never been easier. To learn more, contact us today.


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