Improving Healthcare Workforce Management

Interested in improving your organization’s healthcare scheduling? It’s important to implement a system that enables your organization to provide the best patient care in the most efficient fashion.

Labor represents a significant share of costs in the healthcare sector. From nurse scheduling to physician scheduling and more, the right scheduling technology can increase productivity and efficiency, enabling your organization do more with your workforce investments.

Common Issues With Healthcare Scheduling

When it comes to scheduling processes, some of the most common grievances healthcare employees have about their schedules are:

  • Unpredictability in scheduled time that constantly changes from week to week
  • Minimal control over schedules and a lack of ability to make changes, like swapping shifts with coworkers
  • An uneven distribution of overtime, extra shifts and time off
  • Disparity in shift managers accepting schedule change requests
  • Difficulty balancing work and personal life responsibility due to schedule constraints

Sound familiar? If so, it may be time to find a solution to your workers most important scheduling concerns. At The WFC Group, we can help your organization identify and implement solutions to increase employee satisfaction through improved healthcare scheduling.

Benefits of Streamlined Healthcare Scheduling

In an environment that operates 24/7, managing the healthcare workforce can be challenging. Hospital and healthcare facility managers juggle multiple concerns when dealing with nurse and physician scheduling. Factors that need to be taken into consideration include:

  • Matching qualifications to the necessary patient care
  • Ensuring compliance with contractual obligations
  • Providing for proper breaks in between shifts
  • Adjusting for school or familial obligations
  • Accounting for safety by ensuring that operations remain error free

More effective scheduling and time management ultimately leads to improved patient care. Advanced healthcare scheduling solutions help organizations improve their workforces (and patient care) in several important ways:

  • Schedule Generation – Optimize schedules based on the organization’s work demands and employee needs.
  • Scheduling Efficiency – Avoid scheduling too many employees when there isn’t enough work or avoid being shorthanded during high workload periods.
  • Mobile Scheduling – Send a text message to alert employees about a shift opening for a faster and more convenient way to fill empty shifts.
  • Workload Insights – Leverage forecasting insights to schedule your employees, minimizing the risk of over or understaffing
  • Simplified Employee Processes – Reduce the amount of time employees spend on logging their time and finding someone to fill their shift.

The WFC Group: Streamlining Healthcare Scheduling

At The WFC Group, we have proven experience in helping healthcare organizations optimize their scheduling systems. We’ve helped some of today’s leading healthcare organizations implement advanced healthcare scheduling solutions to simplify processes for employees and departments.

To learn more about how healthcare scheduling systems can streamline scheduling and provide a more user-friendly system for your employees, contact The WFC Group today.


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